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Engineering Business 101

Few days ago I had an interesting conversation with The Standard Community about evolution of engineering. We discussed the possibility of engineers evolving from an employee to an employer. A point where software engineers stop asking for permission to do the right thing and just do the right thing. There’s...

February 18, 2023

Modern Strategies in Systems Modernization

Every so often I get asked the question of modernization and standardization. Especially from passionate engineers who just joined new teams and want to make a true meaningful change. Here’s how the scenario goes: I just joined this new team, and it doesn’t seem that the systems they’re working on...

February 12, 2023

Jobs, Careers and Crafts

Every action we take in our daily lives goes towards either our survival, evolution, or fulfillment. Sometimes it’s the opposite of these, which is destruction, devolution, or torment. For instance, the mass majority of people around us are waking up early going to perform some function or another so they...

January 29, 2023
Learning & Guidance , Motivation

Maximum Engineering

Our time on this earth is limited. We experience this time on earth through spiritual, mental, and physical aspects. Even during our asleep we are benefiting in the least physically from resting and healing. Maximizing our benefit from our time on earth is a thought everyone should entertain. Especially knowing...

December 28, 2022