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The Tri-Nature of Everything (Part 1)

Software engineering is a modern methodology used to represent a system, any system, in terms of models and actions. Computer scientists define the core principle of software engineering as “Modeling & Simulation”. Which simply a computerized representation of particular entities in the universe (Modeling) and how these entities interact and...

May 9, 2021
Management Dynamics


In previous articles, I touched very briefly on the fact that engineering can be a social activity. A bridge that engineers could use to connect to the rest of the world then use it to make the world a better place by solving its most complex problems. Everyone today has...

April 11, 2021
Software Engineering

Decentralizing Social Networks

Social networks as part of the technological revolution that happened in the last few decades have been more and more involved into our lives on daily basis. We use social networks today for almost everything. We connect to our family and friends; we sell and buy things and we advertise...

January 18, 2021